separated at birth :

So according to my numbers (and my accounting department in Omaha) people are dropping by, but not staying to read very long.

So I'm thinking you dolts need purty pictures to take your minds of all these hard words. (Who knew that my readership would skew so heavily toward the average Red-stater?)

So with the introduction of pictures. I thought I'd revive that most widely known Spy magazine feature: Separated at Birth.

With a twist (and Grey Goose), of course.

Designers have never been the most original bunch. (And that's okay, I'm jus' sayin'.) But with all the recent attention to creating branding cues across product lines in automotive designs, why do you see so many similar design flourishes on different cars from different companies?

I suppose, with the relative differences in target audience of these models, it's not like they are both going to end up in the parking lot at the same country club. (Or hell, even in the same gated community. Unless the Ford and the Honda come in through the service entrance.)


Anonymous said...

Red stater?

Oh! I get it now. We conservatives are so stupid that we need *purty* pictures to go with the oh so complicated words.

Well, this red stater wouldn't want to contaminate your august blue state readership with my presence so I'll not be stoppping by anymore... pretty pictures notwithstanding.

Darran said...

Looks like you hit a nerve. I thought the blue staters were the easily offended side...

Anyway, nice shots. The trick with creating your own easily-identifiable branding cues is that you make it easy for someone else to steal those cues and make a few sales with it. I couldn't afford a Caddy, but if it's dark and you rub your eyes real hard my Ford looks just like one!

I still have delusions from my younger years that someone, somewhere, might have confused my Pontiac Fiero with a Lotus Esprit and for just a second...thought I was cool.

DC1974 said...

Good thing Mr./Ms. Red-Stater didn't stick around much longer, some of the gay stuff might have offended him.

As for Pontiac/Fiero connection, I never much thought about it. But you are darn tootin'. I always felt the same way about mid-90s BMW 3-series coupes and Civic coupes.

I figure that's why Bangle had to go all flame-surficing on us.

When your $30K cars start looking like $10K cars its time to get a new identity.

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