separated at birth :

So according to my numbers (and my accounting department in Omaha) people are dropping by, but not staying to read very long.

So I'm thinking you dolts need purty pictures to take your minds of all these hard words. (Who knew that my readership would skew so heavily toward the average Red-stater?)

So with the introduction of pictures. I thought I'd revive that most widely known Spy magazine feature: Separated at Birth.

With a twist (and Grey Goose), of course.

Designers have never been the most original bunch. (And that's okay, I'm jus' sayin'.) But with all the recent attention to creating branding cues across product lines in automotive designs, why do you see so many similar design flourishes on different cars from different companies?

I suppose, with the relative differences in target audience of these models, it's not like they are both going to end up in the parking lot at the same country club. (Or hell, even in the same gated community. Unless the Ford and the Honda come in through the service entrance.)


media whore ISO NYC media mogul/sugar daddy :

My recently hatched rehatched plan for a sugar daddy has set its goal at Nick Denton. British (check), New York media mogul (check, check), with a fabulous Hell's Kitchen SoHo loft (check, check, check).

I already knew that I was three degrees (or is that two, where do you start counting the degrees?) from Denton through my friend at Jalopnik.

But pictures of a Denton soiree indicate that I'm also connected to him through Carl Swanson. Who might not mean a thing to you (as he writes for New York), but we are fraternity brothers (!) from U.Va. where he edited the late great Yellow Journal.

I also slept on his couch in Brooklyn (before Brooklyn was cool for white people) while he worked at the late great Spy magazine (see a pattern here?) and I was interning at Paper.

That's all got to count for something.


will draw for food :

KChau--one of my best former coconspirators and inspiration to at least one PMBF's (pervy male breeder friends) Asian fantasies--has a piece in the Philly CityPaper. Check it out online.

I'm on a friggin' bender here :

First the DCist crew and then Wonkette. Damn, I'm on fire.

First DCist finally answered my burning question: why can't you buy wine at Trader Joe's in Maryland?

Then Wonkette, always on the lookout for alcohol-related news for metro-DC, picked it up.

Ana Marie, you've never written about any of my tips, but I'll take the (very) indirect praise anyway I can.


would you like some cake?

Apparently, that year and half whining to a now-Jalopniker about getting his ads done during production week at has come to bite me in the ass.

Figures. He always was a biter.

Anyway, to tied you plebes over while I work on a post about revitalizing urban shopping districts and another one about post-disaster housing: just a reminder that it's not too late to call the California Governor's office and remind him why he's being an ass.

Oh and some damn, cake.


engadget's wayback machine :

A fan of all things Gawker media, I prefer Gizmodo over Engadget.

But Engadget.com's "translation" into 1985 is damn amusing.

And a little startling.

In 1985, I used to read Popular Science and Car and Driver and would read about things like GPS navigation systems and coaxial delivery of information to homes and think that the future seemed so far away.

And really unlikely.

Not so much now, does it?