copywriting gone wrong :

From a new development in DC:

It is a fortunate contradiction that a building so stately and sophisticated can offer its residents an undeniably warm and inviting ambiance.

Fortunate? Maybe you mean unfortunate. Or not. I’m not actually sure at all what you mean. But that’s definitely no way to begin.

Oh but wait. It gets worse:

Much like the grand southern mansions of bygone days, The Columbia is both majestic and wonderfully welcoming.

Those “grand southern mansions” by which you don’t mean plantations? Of the “bygone days” of slavery?

Welcoming indeed.


comment spam, smart and dcx edition :

If this vanity project here at DC1974 is at some level about collecting my thoughts. I need to save my comment made at Jalopnik about DCX and Smart:

The only way that Smart is going to work is if DCX pulls a Saturn. Only with a twist. They are going to have to be a network of heavily branded urban dealerships where the shopping experience mirrors the name. And there is pretty much no association with other manufacturers in DCX family. The dealerships should sort of be like Starbucks but with cars -- small, hip, located within major upscale shopping districts: think North Michigan in Chicago or Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase in DC. Smart is going to have to bring on someone like Crispin Porter or Modernista to do some viral marketing and branding away from traditional auto sales. Jerry-rigging these into Dodge dealerships in suburban auto malls is not the right way to position this brand. In my not so humble opinion.

It actually sounds like I know what I’m talking about. Kinda.