I'm on a friggin' bender here :

First the DCist crew and then Wonkette. Damn, I'm on fire.

First DCist finally answered my burning question: why can't you buy wine at Trader Joe's in Maryland?

Then Wonkette, always on the lookout for alcohol-related news for metro-DC, picked it up.

Ana Marie, you've never written about any of my tips, but I'll take the (very) indirect praise anyway I can.


davey G. Johnson said...

Ana Marie's now gonna be all up in your steez like that hot, tattooed bleached-blonde fetish model nutball chick who only wanted which ever one of us was gay. When she thought we were both homos, you know she was all up into the idea of a davo and xto sandwich. As soon as you let her on to the fact that you weren't drunk enough yet to lick snatch, she bailed. Dammit, she was hot. We should've just told her you liked to watch. Feh.

harvey said...

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