new urbanism’s state of flux :

DC has changed considerably in 6 years I spent on the West Coast (1998-2004). And not always for the better. Some of that can be blamed on the rise of big government Republicanism — add thousands of Texas lobbyists and the 20 y.o. interns that blow work for them and see what your city turns into.

But there is something else at play here: the quaintness of new urbanism. See StrangeHarvest.com.

Or read the money quote:

This lightweight urbanism is driven by private money on a mission to create an individual dream. Curiously, these individual dreams add up to a collective vision. It undoubtedly harnesses the most powerful force in urbanism – desire, aspiration, identity, community all bound together. This period has had an ironic effect as the qualities once associated with metropolitan living have vanished: diversity, opportunity. Instead, the centre has becomes a wickerbasket wielding village fantasy full of specialty cheese shops.

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citymom92@yahoo.com said...

DC1974-Great posts, both here and on Layman's site. I particularly enjoyed reading your comments on public education and your mother's experiences as a teacher in the 70s and 80s. Two of your favorite books are mine as well! Life and Death of Great American cities and the Phantom Tollbooth (which my son just finished for a summer book report!) If you ever want to work with a great group of people working to save true public education in DC, let me know! Gina Arlotto, Save Our Schools