hiding :

Um. So I’m not dead. Yet.

Amongst other things: grandma died (eulogy post TK), crazy busy at work and updates to my personal site.

Check it out. Per an earlier suggestion the CMYK values link to various (TK) portions of the website. Right now that includes one video. Plus, the copy is cheekier. Since, if I stay in advertising I’t want to be in B2B and B2G forever. The consumer side likes cheeky, right? Right!? One video up, too, from a gerund piece (this one is Counting) perhaps I can at least do some art again.

More updates soon, I promise.


Chrissy said...

This is in relation to a Wonkette comment you made about Red vs. Blue states. I'm a Texan, but I'm a equal-rights supporting, tree-hugging liberal. Just because I'm from the southern area doesn't mean I'm a bigoted jackass.

Hell, I'm not even Christian, but those that I know aren't what you crazy Yank-type people think of. That said, please, don't generalize. Not everyone around here thumps the bible.

DC1974 said...

Touchy maybe? I live in DC, which last time I checked was below the Mason Dixon, I went to school in Virginia. And my parents live in Knoxville and are set to retire to Chattanooga. So, I'm plenty aware that there is diversity in the South. But generalizations are fun. And good for easy laughs.