portfolio updates :

I’ve been working on updating my online portfolio (and generally thinking about what I want from a career and how I want my work to be presented).

The first round of changes are is viewable here. I haven’t yet added some of my most recent work, yet, nor have I figured out if I want to include some of my writing and video pieces.

UPDATE: Verb agreement. Who knew.


Anthony said...

Having recently done an update of my own portfolio site here are some ideas for the organization on your site. I would utilize the CMYK element that you started. I instinctually clicked that thinking there was other sections. Divide that into the 4 sections. Bio, Print, Video, Copy. I've seen a few sites that use the CMYK theme and always liked that.

I've been meaning to reply to your comment on my blog, of course I haven't update it or anything in forever.

Hipster Pit said...

. . . thinking there WERE other sections. . . verb agreement. Who knew?

Okay, I'm sorry. Nothing personal, but I'm a grammar bitch. For hire!

anthony said...

UGH....I blame the computer for my declining English skills.

Checked out your blog. Best of luck with the freelance venture. Are you a copywriter or marketing guru or both? I am trying to get my own freelance design stuff going again but that seems like it is going to be a long-term process.

DC1974 said...

So, I should check in to see who is actually commenting. No? Anyway, thanks for the tip Anthony. I've thought about that as well. And perhaps that will come later. Especially as I try to figure out how to integrate the video stuff. I'm waiting for stuff at my current job to take off so I can get some hard copies of that stuff up there. (I just did some art direction on a campaign for AT&T that rocks. As much as marketing to the government can rock, anyway.)

The problem is that I've got both this professional design side and then conceptual performance art side where I do thinks like drink a lot of water and pee in the street. Or kiss world AIDS statistics.

Something tells me these things are going to have to be different sites.