really? :

I like still pretending I’m an artist. Although, I haven’t figured out what that means in this city/arts community that I don’t really understand nor have any artist friends. To keep up the ruse, I read DC Art News, though.

He's got the list for ‘06 Whitney Biennial up. How can it be that he doesn’t know who Jim O’Rourke is? And he’s the pulse of DC art?


Scenic Artisan said...

what don't you understand about the dc arts community?

Kriston said...

There's plenty not to understand about the DC art scene!

Gallery openings are a tried and true way to meet arts folk, if you're up for those. There are a couple other art blogs in town, but Lenny's is authoritative for listings.

Davey G. Johnson said...

Just because somebody's in Sonic Youth now and then and works with Wilco as a de facto collaborator doesn't make him an artist worthy of DC recognition. I swear, you're such a pseudo-outside-the-box fag, Xto. Then again, if you were in the box, I wouldn't be busting on the fagginess, would I? Then again, you bust on mine... Fuckit. The whole thing's moot. You're right, the dude's a tool for not knowing who O'Rourke is.

DC1974 said...

What's not to understand? Like where the center is? Why there's not a studio district? Why the art openings are so low key and not outsider friendly? Why there isn't an aesthetic different from other cities? Why there is so much f-in' bad painting and photography? And why that is not relegated to the galleries for tourists or just coffee shops (the last refuge of subpar artists).
Don't get me wrong. I like Lenny's blog. But I find that DC's art scene is pretty isolated and isolating. And Lenny's post (on that day) sort of exemplified that isolation.