instamatic :

Yeah, it’s totally a geeky art school fascination of mine, but I have no less than four Polaroid camera's at home. (And yes, I realize that the Instamatic is a Kodak product.)

I'm particularly fond of my iZone, whose less than complete automation allows for fun with double exposures.

The kids over at Polanoid are out to create the:

We are building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography.

Now I know have something to do with those boxes of Polaroids in my office. (Now if I could only think of something to do with all the medicine bottles I’ve saved.)


Anonymous said...

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DC1974 said...

well, robo-poster Tyler, I take serious issue with the idea that I might need to guard against rashes. or worse buy those fuggly clothes you're hawking. and don't get me started about the insinuation that I'm not a good kisser.