welcome back :

Aaand... we're back...

So before our extended break, we were blogging our last semester in art school, some sort of mixed sketch pad and idea generator with a dollup of performance built in.

Blogging was a novel concept. Blogger was an independent company and no one had ever heard of a Wonkette.

So now that "having a blog" is a cliche even for middle schoolers, we thought we'd get back into this. Start collecting our thoughts and writings about art, design, politics, whatever.

People-who-know would love to have these things themed. No luck here. I'm in a committed relationship and am just looking.

Call me a blog lurker, holding on to this blogspot address like it was my last connection to sanity. Or something.

I propose nothing. I'll just have to see where things go.

As we say in the midwest, where I developed all my major insecurities, and home of the dangling participle, "wanna come with?"

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